Rotenberg Power Station

Structural systems for various purposes.

Ordered by: The Electric Company

Construction of workshops, kitchen and dining room on 10,000 m.sq.

A complex project for the construction of workshops, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and landscaping on 40,000 m.sq. prior to the construction of a new power station in Ashkelon using advanced building techniques, within a short period of time.

Poured concrete over 4,000 cubic tons of which 2,000 cubic tons are exposed concrete, manufacturing and assembly of over 100 tons of steel construct.

Placement of 10,000 water pipes within concrete precuts and 100 communications pits and abraded concrete floors.

The project further involved air conditioning, plumbing and steam systems as well as high-grade finishes (Buchtal ceramics, acoustic ceilings).

Hod HaSharon Electrical Substation

Construction of an electrical substation in Hod HaSharon

Ordered by: Electrical Company

Construction of a building on a 6,000 m. sq. plot and 8,000 exposed cubic tons

Includes complex electro mechanic systems work.

National Teams Center – Shfayim

Training center for Israel’s national teams.

Ordered by: The National Soccer Association

A 1000 m.sq.  building with offices and dressing rooms , with wooden facings in exposed tones.

Smart lighting and drainage infrastructures, international standard natural and synthetic soccer pitches.

Emergency department – Kaplan Hospital

Expansion and renovation work in Kaplan Hospital’s Emergency department.

Ordered by: Clalit Health Services

Finishing systems work for the expansion of Kaplan Hospital’s Emergency department, complex work including connecting to the operational systems without affecting the consistent, smooth running of hospital activity, medical gas systems, establishment of an X-ray room and more.

British Embassy in Israel

Renovation and upgrading of the Embassy of Great Britain in Tel Aviv.

Ordered by: The British Foreign Office

Renovations, upgrading and renewing the building, including systems work, among them electrical, communications and loudspeaker.

Construction of armoured service rooms, extremely high-grade finishes, external surfaces with advanced architectural elements such as a Bris-Soleil façade (active aluminium shading) as well as explosive-proof windows.

External development work including construction of active and passive obstacles to stop attempts to penetrate the embassy grounds with vehicles.

Sha’ar HaGai intersection bridge

Ordered by: National Transport Infrastructure Company (Netivei Israel)

Construction of a bridge over the Sha’ar HaGai intersection, including development, paving and landscaping,

A complex engineering project involving prestressed beams and preliminary elements in addition to pavement onsite and concrete work of 10,000 cubic metres, using special steel forms and  various decorative shapes.

The project further required innovative engineering solutions for support for the prestressed beams and to carry out the earth works alongside the highway.

Challenging work along the main road without traffic interruptions or stoppage as well as night shift work.

Simulation building – The National Firefighting and Rescue Authority

A building intended for firefighter training

Ordered by: The National Firefighting and Rescue Authority

A structure intended for firefighter training which simulates a fire within a built-up area

The structure includes a fire simulator, a smoke simulation device, safety and emergency systems as well as various simulation facilities, all of which fulfill European, American and Israeli standards.

Boarding school building for the Firefighters’ Academy

Establishment of a boarding school structure for firefighters at the academy in Rishon LeTzion

Ordered by: The National Firefighting and Rescue Authority

A 6-story, 5,000 m2 residential building for firefighters, energy structure, memorial, roads and development.

Grain Conveyor Ashdod Port

Establishment of a system to move seeds from pier 21 in the Ashdod port to the Ashdod grain elevators

Ordering party: Israel Ports Company

The new conveyor belt is based on transport using conveyor belts of a total output of 1,800 tons/hr. and based on 2 belt lines with outputs of 600 tons/hr. and 1,200 tons/hr.

The work includes, among others: infrastructures, development, building construction, systems and materials, electricity, quality control, fire alarms and extinguishers and ecological systems.

Further, all works related to the optimal operation of the systems, including authorizations from authorities for the systems’ operation and occupancy certificate.

At a total of  200 million NIS