The founders

Poldmir Ltd. was founded in 1977 by Mr. Poldy Peretz and Mrs. Miri Peretz as a family business. At its beginnings the company built greenhouses, steel constructions and building facades all over the country. The company’s name and structure were changed in 1986 to “Poldmir Construction (1986) Ltd.” upon Eng. Yuri Moskovitz’s joining as a partner. Together, the engineering duo of Poldy Peretz and Yuri Moskovitz expanded the company’s operations and began to take on system-rich projects, as the company’s expertise in these projects as well as complex security projects placed the company within the vanguard of the highest quality contractors.

Joining the Lesico group

In June 2018 the Lesico Ltd. group, a publicly traded company, purchased 56% of the company’s shares. The Lesico group was incorporated in 1969 as a private company limited by stock. Upon offering shares to the public, and being registered on the stock exchange in May 2017, the company went public. The company’s operations were initiated by Mr. Shlomo Lashman, the company founder, in the early 1950’s. In the beginning the company focused on carrying out plumbing, pipe systems and fuel, as well as providing maintenance services for the abovementioned projects. In the 60s and 70s Shlomo Lashman’s sons Yechiel and Yehuda Lashman, as well as Yitzchak Sidi, joined the firm. Today, all of the above, along with Eyal Lashman, Reuven Yariv and Eran Sidi (the controlling interest holders) head up the company. Lesico specializes in establishing and maintaining projects in the field of civil engineering infrastructure, railway infrastructure, energy infrastructure, clean pipelines and environmental infrastructures.