Poldmir is an entrepreneurial and contractual construction company specializing in public projects involving complex technological and engineering systems. With the highest clearance available in the construction branch in Israel, the company is a recognized contractor for government projects, a registered supplier for the Ministry of Defense and works according to ISO 9001:2015 regulations. The company’s reputation was earned over years of activity, thanks to its professionalism, consistent work quality, and the ability to stay on schedule and within budget. It is company policy to operate fairly, through a relationship of trust with the client and cooperation throughout, alongside professionalism and insistence upon excellent, quality performance while protecting our clients’ interests.

Over 40 years of construction, action and development

Among the projects we have carried out are a number with a scope of tens of thousands of meters, including public buildings, including: hospitals, power stations, train stations, military bases and installations, hi tech buildings and offices, logistics centers, universities, industrial and residential structures. The focus of much of the company’s activity today lies in projects for the Ministry of Defense and other defense-related work. In total, a billion shekels worth of projects are being carried out for the various branches of the defense forces.

The company is highly experienced in carrying out projects employing the “implementation planning” method, projects in foreign countries (embassies) and projects for the COE (the U.S. army) in IDF bases.

The company employs a trained, experienced team composed of practical engineers, engineers and project managers with clearance to work in high clearance security sites. As a result, we are highly experienced in managing multi-system projects, sub-contractors and suppliers, requiring precise planning and scheduling of all stages of work, from the project establishment through to delivery.